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Fiber Processing

Order Form and Instructions


Autumn Mist Alpaca Farm and Fiber Mill has been in business for 15 years now and we continue to put quality above quantity.  We work with each individual batch of fiber as if it were our own and put the care into it we would expect.

We enjoy the one on one with our customers and helping each one make the most out of their fiber.

Please call to inquire about wait time on processing...

All our prices are for alpaca, if you have another type of fiber please call or email for pricing.

Please click on the link below and print the Autumn Mist Fiber Order Form and Instruction sheet.




Please read instructions for processing very carefully - you MUST sign the instructional page and include one copy with your shipment.

If you have several orders with separate order forms, just print page one for remainder of forms.

You do not have to send a deposit with your fiber..we will contact you when we pull the order for washing and will give you an estimate for your total processing cost and ask for a 50% deposit then.

We will do our best to give you the best product from your fiber.  There are some instances that your fiber is not going to be the best for what you wish to have done.  In this case we will contact you to offer you the best options available to produce a quality product.

Please do not send fiber that is rotten, wet, moldy, moth infested or has more vegetation in it then fiber.  We will promptly dispose of this fiber and you will have paid for shipping on garbage.



Wednesday, June 21, 2023