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Petting Zoo opens again Memorial Day Weekend! Admission is $10.00 per person with children under the age of 2 free. This is a self guided tour so spend as much time as you'd like. Come see how an alpaca farm works! Spend some time feeding and petting the other animals as well-3 mini donkeys, 4 goats,2 sheep, 50 chickens, 3 turkeys, peacocks, 5 horses and lots more! If you are looking for a guided tour-that is one on one with your group with a tour guide going in depth about our farm, the animals, the care, and the fiber processing mill. There is no time limit on spending with the animals for a guided tour either. Feed available for purchase online and also in our gift shop. We will be opening on Sundays at noon to allow one morning a week with our family.

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Welcome to Autumn Mist Alpaca Farm, Fiber Mill & Petting Farm

Opening Memorial Day Weekend!

The Petting Farm is now closed for the season but the store is still open by appointment only. Please call 607-868-5401 to set up a time. Thank you!

Traveling Petting zoo available -limited availability depending on staffing

Kids Day camp coming summer 2023!

As always-dryer balls are in stock and available wholesale-please send us a message to inquire.

Please contact us ahead of time for large batches so we can plan ahead!

Here at Autumn Mist Alpaca farm and Fiber Mill we offer it all!

Boarding, short term and long term
Fiber Processing
Mentoring-New farm startup

2021 Fiber Processing Form


now offering Self Guided Tours-on your tour you will discover a lot of different animals besides Alpacas! We have several breeds of chickens, Peacocks, Fred the resident turkey and his girlfriends Thelma and Louise... Pheasants(in the spring until release) Giant Flemish Rabbits, Kune Kune pigs Laverne & Shirley, Murphy & Molsen the sheep, lots of goats, 3 mini donkeys and 6 horses. If you did a guided tour you will then make your way into the fiber processing mill and learn all about how fiber gets turned into yarn. The guided tour takes around an hour to complete, there is no time limit on the self guided tour. Animal feed available for purchase to feed! Picture taking welcome! Relax at the picnic tables and enjoy the serenity of the farm life! Petting Farm and Educational Center is now closed until Spring 2023 Thank you!

Looking for something unique for a birthday party or baby/bridal shower? Consider having it here at the farm or have alpacas at your event! We offer a traveling petting zoo! Call or email for more details.

Coming Summer of 2023- Kids Day Camp! Stay tuned for more details!

Volunteers always welcome! Let us know what works for you on timing and we will put you to work!

A family run farm and full service fiber processing mill we offer sales, service, consultation and most importantly full support for as long as you own the animals. We make each experience a top priority to assure our customers get the best. From Fiber Processing and figuring out what would be the best end product for your fiber to show skirting your fleece to animal evaluations. Breeding decisions are discussed at length with each customer to ensure a great decision that you feel good about.

We offer boarding both short term and long term of your animals. Our herdsires reside here at our farm during our breeding season along with several other herdsires. We cater to our customers in all areas to create the best experience possible!

Consider summer boarding for your animals, we have lots of pasture full of nice green grass!

We now offer Quarantine into Canada. We have the capability of handling large groups of quarantine and work with two brokers in Canada. We have 2 quarantine locations available on our farm for different groups..and our Vet is USDA Accredited.

We also offer different herdsires for breeding, we usually have a pretty diversified group of males here during breeding season, we can help you figure out what male would be the best fit for your female.