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We plan on participating in the Ohio spring show, PAOBA/MABA, AND MAPACA.

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Tours are available by appointment only due to Covid restirictions.  We plan on tours year around but please check the weather-it is pretty rough up on the hill!  Tours are $10.00 each children under 2 are free.  Plan on at least an hour-during this time you will learn all about alpacas from health, fiber, breeding, showing and benefits of owning.  You will then move on to the rabbits where you will visit with Giant Flemish rabbits and also New Zealand rabbits.   For a limited time you will be able to view the pheasants (NYS release program) and learn why we are raising them to release.  Then on to the chicken barn and visit with the peacocks and goats.  Then get some lovin from one of the four mini donkeys.  View the horses from afar and then move on to the herdsire pen.  Then make your way inside to the office-wash up and learn all about processing fiber into yarn!  An indepth tour of our fiber mill will help you understand how the process goes from raw fiber into beautiful yarn.




Dryer balls

  are all in stock-we have several hundred stocked up and ready for you!  We are working on a flat rate shipping price per 25 dryer balls... flat rate pricing is $21.00 for up to 30 balls.  Anything more will be cheaper to have us put it in a box and calculate shipping.








Updated February 26, 2021